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Where I Write Part Deux

March 13, 2014

In February 2012, the lovely Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary, hosted a Wednesday link up on where we write.  That was “BTB” or “Before This Blog.” I had another blog where I wrote and where I was not anonymous.  This is what my writing space looked like back then:


This was my desk in our old house. I had it in the corner of the living room.  I really liked that antique desk but when we moved into this smaller house in December 2012, the desk took up too much space in the room that was to be used as my office/sitting room.  Today, three iterations on my space (which is really the sunroom and entrance to our home), I feel I finally came up with a great arrangement to provide the maximum pleasure for both writing and relaxing.  I have also made it completely off-limits to the children.  Theoretically, my bedroom should be my sanctuary.  However, I can’t keep little bodies out of my room or my bed hard as I try.  Their stuff creeps in my room, along with their little bodies.  I have realized that until they are all in their teens, I am probably going to have a visitor or two every morning. (I still do not understand why God seems to find it so amusing to give a night owl such as myself, four early birds. Would that they could all be late sleepers!) The sunroom, the entry to our home, where I should be welcoming visitors, creating literary masterpieces (I wish!), and relaxing in peace, had become the dumping ground for everything that didn’t have a home and then some.  I think it might be fortuitous that we were so sick this winter that people avoided coming to our house as though the plague lived here because I could never have let them in to see my mess.  I would have had to stand at the door and yell through it “Go away.  Nobody lives here.” Because we weren’t living.  No one can live in constant chaos.  We were merely surviving.  Slowly but surely over the past two to three weeks, I have been reclaiming spaces for their original purpose from the garbage dump they had become.  Today I not only reclaimed the sunroom, I CLAIMED it for myself and myself alone.  Unless a grown up wants to come visit me, then I will share the space with you as we sip ice tea and fellowship.  But children are not allowed.  For the project, my sister and my mother were my helpers. It was a rocky start as my mother wasn’t listening to what I wanted but was trying to do it her way.  However, once we established the ground rules, things went well and quickly.  In two hours, I had my space cleared, one bag of garbage out to the trash, two bags of clothes for Goodwill, a box of things in the car that need to go to various stores to be returned/exchanged, and furniture rearranged to create a calmer and more welcoming space.

Want to see the new space? Drum roll please…



(I apologize for the darkness of the photos but I was using my iPhone and this room receives direct sunlight in the afternoon casting dark shadows in places)

Do you see that lovely chair set up by the window so I can overlook my front garden and patio? That is where you will find me tomorrow morning at 6:20am as I begin my day with prayer and Scripture.  I still have some organizing to do on my shelves because although an office space, it is the entry to our home when welcoming visitors.  But this is my space, my sacred space, my creative space, and rather than dreading looking at it, or dreading someone knocking on my door, I can’t wait to welcome my first guests. When my children try to enter the space, this is what they will see:


~ The Reluctant Widow

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  1. Karen Bell permalink
    March 17, 2014 11:01 am

    Your place looks awesome!

    • March 21, 2014 8:25 pm

      Thanks Karen! I am really enjoying spending time in there and for the most part, the kids have honored my “rule.” They try to come in and “hang out” without being invited but I don’t let them come in unless I want to talk with them or spend some private time with one or another of them.

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